I’ve always had a fascination with pistol caliber carbines. I own and have owned several and find them generally to be a blast to shoot. They can be taken to almost all ranges, the ammo is cheaper, they are easy to suppress and just fun to shoot. I’ve also taken to the idea of converting the most modular pistol ever into a PCC. I’ve done it twice now and enjoyed the ability to turn a Glock into a rifle, or to keep it as a braced pistol. My options to turn a Glock into a rifle have grown once more with the latest and greatest from KPOS, the KPOS Scout.

What’s the KPOS Scout

I was thoroughly impressed with the KPOS G2 and its performance with a 1-inch barrel and a Glock 17. It was an outstanding piece of gear. The KPOS Scout made its appearance at SHOT 2018 and I saw the potential for something great. The KPOS Scout is a Glock to carbine conversion kit that gives your Glock an unparalleled level of potential.

At its most base level the KPOS Scout a shell that your Glock automatic pistol slides into. Installation is quick and simple. You go from handgun to rifle in about 5 seconds with this system.

It’s full length scope rail offers shooters a longer sight radius when rocking irons and the ability to mount a red dot optic. The extended fore end gives users an area to mount a folding forward grip, a flashlight, and a LAM. Of course, the stock gives the shooter three points of contact and gives them a much higher degree of stability.

The entire system makes your Glock more combat effective. It’s easier to control, easier to handle, and extends your effective range. Taking the Glock from a pistol to a carbine with the KPOS Scout takes about 5 seconds. It’s designed for the end user to be able to due in a hurry and under stress.


The KPOS Scout is compatible with the Glock, 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, and 32. The gun must be a Gen 3 to 5, but you can’t use a backstrap grip. You can however use your favorite Glock triggers, magazines, slide stops, and more with the KPOS Scout. This will cut down your training time and allow you to effortlessly transition from pistol to rifle.

While the KPOS Scout is only primed to hit the Glock market I wouldn’t be surprised to see it available for other handguns. The G2 lineup is expansive and includes guns from Glock, CZ, FN, and SIG SAUER.

Lastly, the KPOS Scout features a folding stock, and comes with a folding foregrip. The foregrip extends slightly and can be used as a trigger guard. I really liked this feature on the KPOS G2 and can see from a practical perspective why it works.

Speaking of the G2 I guess there is one big question we need to answer.

How it Differs from the G2

The biggest question in my mind was how does it stack up against the KPOS G2? What improvements are made and should a KPOS G2 owner upgrade to the KPOS Scout? I can’t make that decision for you, but I can give you the facts.

Weight and Length

The KPOS Gen 2 weighs approximately 2.11 pounds. The KPOS Scout trimmed over half a pound and comes in at 1.52 pounds. The G2 was 14.56 inches with the stock folded and 23.5 with the stock deployed. The KPOS Scout is coming in at 12.7 with the stock folded and 21.2 with the stock deployed.

The KPOS Scout is the lighter and more compact option all around. They trimmed off that half pound by making extensive use of polymer. There is still metal where it’s needed to ensure the system is rock solid and reliable. The Glock pistol itself has proven that polymer is durable and reliable when used in the right places.

The upper portion is machine 6061 T6 aluminum which allows for even compensated Glocks without worrying about damaging the gun. The side rails on the system are also removable. This allows you to really run a minimalist and slim package.

The KPOS Scout – Full Review

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The biggest difference most shooters will pay attention to is price. The use of polymer has really helped FAB Defense cut the price from the G2. The rumored price is going to be in the $300 dollar range. The G2’s all metal construction gave it a sticker price of about 600 bucks.  

How it Stacks Against Dedicated PCCs

One of the most defining features of a PCC is their small size and lightweight nature. So how does the KPOS Scout with a Glock stack up? Well in its original configuration as designed, with the stock folded, its shorter than a mini Uzi buy about 2 inches. It’s 4 inches shorter than the CZ Scorpion and the SIG MPX.

What About the NFA?

The National Firearms Act states that a gun with a barrel shorter than 16 inches with a stock is a short-barreled rifle and regulated via the NFA. To obtain an SBR you’d have to apply with the ATF, do some paperwork, fingerprints, takes a photo, pay 200 dollars and wait for approval. You’d turn your actual Glock into an SBR.

If you didn’t want to take the headache inducing route of the NFA you could do one of two things. KPOS seems to be aiming to release a brace version in the near future which will be known as the KPOS Slingshot.

The second option is to purchase a 16-inch barrel for your Glock and have a legitimate rifle without any such restrictions. The barrel I’ve been rocking is the IGB 16-inch Glock barrel. It works and has worked with both my KPOS G2 and Micro Roni kit. I don’t doubt it will work in the KPOS Scout as well.

The KPOS Scout is priming itself to be one of highest quality, and most affordable Glock carbine kits on the market. As someone who’s explored the concept a lot I’m excited to bring you a full review as soon as I can. The KPOS Scout will be available in April, and ZFI will accept orders as soon as the product is released. If you sign up with a membership with ZFI you’ll get a permanent 10% discount. ZFI is packaging the KPOS Scout with a bungee sling, folding stock, and FGGK foregrip.