KERES Dynamics is a company built by serious professionals. Recognizing the potential of modular firearms, they have focused on the Sig Sauer P320 and M-17. Every Keres product is designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States.

The main stay of Keres is triggers. It is no secret that major gun manufacturers employ more accountants and lawyers that designers. Good triggers are expensive. Triggers are the focus of a lot of liability attention because misuse can lead to disaster and lawsuits.

Keres trusts you. They know that a long heavy trigger isn’t necessary for safety no matter what the lawyers advise. They are shooters and engineers who want to optimize performance without regard to price point or liability.

Keres Dynamics recognizes the concerns about drop test results on the older model SIG P320. SIG has addressed the issue with their upgrade program. Keres Dynamics designs their parts to be as light or lighter than the factory upgraded triggers but with the same strength and reliability by using Tennalum® 7068-T6511 aluminum.

Nearly 250% stronger than 6061 aluminum with only 1/3 the weight of 4130 chromoly steel, Tennalum® does everything better. This material selection provides the ability to build a feature-rich and adjustable trigger that is 1/2 the weight as the factory trigger to meet or exceed all drop test standards placed on the P320 for service.

One of the most important factors for accuracy and speed id the weight and movement of the trigger. The less force you use on the trigger, the less likely you are to move the barrel and throw a shot.The Pro Adjust P320 trigger is the perfect solution to excessive movement, you get exactly the trigger you want.

Make great better: KERES Dynamics upgrades the SIG P320/M-17
KERES Dynamics trigger for the SIG P320/M-17

Keres Dynamics’ patent pending design is the first to allow you to adjust both trigger pre-travel (take-up) and over travel. Overall trigger travel can be reduced by up to 60%, providing a short crisp trigger pull and reset. The increased leverage reduces the trigger pull by up to 25%.

A center rib and curved tip to provide fast and consistent indexing.

Make great better: KERES Dynamics upgrades the SIG P320/M-17

Available in Black & Silver hard anodized finish.P320 PRO ADJUST – Adjustable Flat Trigger MSRP: $89

Installation is fairly simple if you have any mechanical skills at all. Doing this correctly is essential for safety, if you have any doubts about your abilities, go to a gunsmith. Pay particular attention the the trigger spring, that can be tricky. Keres Dynamics is there for you with a solid video.

If you don’t want adjustment, the P320 PRO ACTION – Enhanced Flat Trigger is the trigger you want. Keres Dynamics’ PRO ACTION flat trigger features the same patent pending design as the PRO ADJUST, but without the adjusts. The PRO ACTION features up to 25% reduction in pull weight while the center rib with curved tip provides fast and consistent indexing.

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Available in Black & Silver hard anodized finish.P320 PRO ACTION – Enhanced Flat Trigger MSRP: $59

Make great better: KERES Dynamics upgrades the SIG P320/M-17

WARNING!  These triggers are designed specifically for P320s which have been processed through Sig Sauer’s voluntary upgrade program or newer. It is highly recommended that the Keres Dynamics triggers be installed by a licensed gunsmith or Sig Sauer certified armorer.  Installation of this trigger may void the factory warranty on the firearm.


Competitive shooters and those who work with gloves or have short fingers appreciate a larger magazine release. The Keres’ PRO EXTEND magazine release features a patent pending design that improves magazine release access and indexing, allowing for faster magazine changes with enhanced ergonomics.

Make great better: KERES Dynamics upgrades the SIG P320/M-17
Photo courtesy of Keres Dynamics

SIG produced two different version of the P320 magazine release. Keres Dynamics offers two versions of the PRO EXTEND magazine release to fit both designs. To identify which version you have, look for the following:

  • There is a dimple on the side of frame where the access port is located for removing the magazine release.
  • With the factory magazine release removed, compare the cutouts at the end opposite of the thumb pad to the diagram shown here.

Make great better: KERES Dynamics upgrades the SIG P320/M-17

P320 PRO EXTEND – Extended Magazine Release MSRP: $49.00

Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

Keres Dynamics products are designed to be used in some of the toughest environments on the planet. They provide a no-BS lifetime replacement warranty for all of their products. If your Keres product fails, is worn out, or is run over by a HEMTT, they will replace it.

About Keres Dynamics:

In Greek mythology, the Keres /ˈkɪriːz/ (Κῆρες), singular Ker /ˈkɜːr/ (Κήρ), were female death-spirits. They personified death on the battle field and would usher fallen warriors to Hades.

Keres Dynamics LLC was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced engineers, veterans, and industry experts. Their product line focuses on the Sig Sauer P250, P320, M17, and P365 handguns. The products they release are designed, tested, and manufactured in the United States.

You can order Keres products directly from their partner website. Dealers and wholesale customers should contact Keres directly for product data and ordering instructions.

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