In the month of November we ran a marksmanship challenge in cooperation with our friends over at CompeteNow. CompeteNow has a simple and intuitive platform for recording anything from marksmanship skills to your latest PR in the gym. They are definitely worth checking our if you are looking for a way to track your fitness and/or shooting progress. See below for more info.

We’re happy to announce that John Baggett and Ryan Goold were our top two competitors in our first Loadout Room run marksmanship challenge. Not only did they both win $400 cash over the course of the competition, but first place will also be receiving the new SIG P320 in his choice of caliber.

We look forward to more competitions in the future and will definitely be using CompeteNow as the platform for recording and ranking results. Stay tuned for next months competition that will involve the classic and age old art of the tomahawk throw.

What is CompeteNow?

CompeteNow’s sole focus is to provide real-time rankings for anything that can be measured or tracked. Serious or goofy, anything you create can be ranked on the site.

CompeteNow provides real-time rankings for athletes that participate in functional fitness, swimming, running, weight lifting, and shooting sports.

For shooters, CompeteNow site will feature standard pistol and long gun shooting “benchmarks” such as Bill Drills, Failure Drill, etc. These shooting drills can be featured on a weekly/monthly basis.

Strong Hand - Weak Hand Marksmanship Challenge

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Custom shooting drills, Events, or Challenges that are hosted in your Groups. Anyone can create Groups and all Group functionality will be Free while the site is in Beta.

How is CompeteNow different from any other social site out there for shooting?

CompeteNow is not a forum or blog (we may offer that in the future). We’re also not a review site or opinion site. We don’t offer tips or advice. We offer facts and data for sports shooting users to compare themselves to improve their skill.

I read quote somewhere that 95% of shooters think they are in the top 5%. If you spend some time on forums – you know this is true. Lots of big talk and focus on gear and mods – not enough focus on results and training. CompeteNow will allow folks to talk smack and back it up!

Why will shooters and gun enthusiasts want to use CompeteNow?

Most shooters will identify with the following questions:

How good is good? How small are your groups from X yards?
How do I stack up? How fast can you perform “X” drill from the holster/low ready/etc? CompeteNow aims to provide the answer to all of this — for ANYTHING that can be measured.

In addition, real-time rankings are filtered by location, age, weight, and gender.

The Shooting Position Meltdown Challenge

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Don’t like being ranked 229th in the nation for the Failure Drill or 200Yard rifle bullseye?

Fine – start small and narrow the competitive field apply filters. You can filter by age group (answers the question of “how fast should someone my age do XXXX” or “how much weight should someone my age be able to lift XXXX”), or location (for the US, you can go all the way down to the zip code, then city, then county, then state, then the US!)… likewise for weight, and gender (for fitness specific benchmarks, Events, or Challenges). —— the ability to filter all these to update real time rankings is another true differentiator for CompeteNow.

No one else does this with this kind of focus on Rankings and data for leaderboards and “what is average.”

CompeteNow can also be used to find training partners or sports team teammates. In many sports, there are common skills, benchmarks, or lifts that could indicate an athlete would be a good fit for a specific team sport position or general team-mate. With CompeteNow leaderboards, you’ll be able to use filters (age, gender, location) to find other athletes close to you that have similar performance / skills to be training partners or teammates. This naturally applies to finding other shooting enthusiasts that can be your shooting buddies!

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