With the recent ammo shortage, finding a way to reconcile firearm training with fun shooting can be a challenge in and of itself. As a concealed carry permit holder, and one who regularly carries, I have a responsibility to maintain proficiency with my carry piece(s). However, my passion for the shooting sports originally sprung from pure enjoyment of the sport. As such, it’s also important to me to have some trigger time just for the love of the sport. That “fun” element is part of what motivates me to continue hitting the range and continuing to improve my shooting skills. To make the most of my range time (and limited supply of ammunition), I find fun ways for me to practice skills that help me to become a more proficient shooter.

One way I keep training fun is to vary the kinds of practice on which I focus, and also vary the guns I shoot. In the video featured at the top of this post, I rented a gun with which I didn’t have much experience, the Ruger GP100 revolver, and integrated some practice shooting with a light with controlled rapid fire (either through emptying the cylinder as quickly as I could while keeping rounds on target or though shooting in controlled pairs). Both improving accuracy during rapid fire and shooting with a light can be important self defense skills, ones that concealed carriers need to keep sharp. And giving myself the opportunity to shoot different guns keeps shooting fresh, even if I’m practicing the same drills.

Another way I work to improve my shooting ability, but keep shooting fun is to give myself (and the people with whom I’m shooting) challenges. In the video above, I tried to “deactivate a zombie” by firing my last two shots into its head. But in the video below, my friend and I instead set up a friendly challenge against each other inspired by the NRA pistol marksmanship qualifications and one of the video games I enjoy with my family.

Converging my firearms training and my enjoyment of the shooting sports allows me to hone and maintain my firearms operation skills while allowing me to enjoy my favorite hobby. Varying training drills, which guns you shoot, and finding ways to challenge yourself are some ways of improving your shooting ability and becoming more proficient with your concealed carry piece while keeping shooting engaging and entertaining. However, these are only a couple of ways to combine both shooting goals. How do you make the most of your range time?

by Destinee

Destinee is also a vlogger. She publishes videos on weapons, gear, and fitness on her YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday.