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Monday Night Knife Fights: The Comprehensive Fighting Systems ARK
Tom Marshall

The Karambit is an oft-misunderstood tool in the world of edged weapons. It can be easy to write them off as the pocket ornaments of mall ninjas and wanna-be-real-ninjas. But Comprehensive Fighting Systems and Pinkerton Knives have teamed up to deliver a practical and intuitive iteration of the curved blade they’re calling the Active Response Karambit, or ARK. This knife was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with handguns, and offers all the advantages of a fixed-blade backup knife without taking your ability to run your favorite pistol at the same time.

Monday Night Knife Fights: The Comprehensive Fighting Systems ARK

Weighing in at a scant 1.2 ounces and measuring millimeters in thickness, the ARK is practically weightless in the hand or on the belt. The overall length is less than six inches with a 1.6 inch single-edged blade. These stats translate into an EDC fixed-blade small and light enough to fit in with any wardrobe or load out. The 154CM stainless blade is bead blasted and all the edges are beveled for a more comfortable grip.

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