Mora Knives may not be the household name that Gerber or Kershaw is but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Hailing from the land of beautiful women and Vikings this Swedish based company is producing some refined and well-designed knives. Mora Knives is a one-stop blade shop that builds every kind of knife you could imagine, from the kitchen to the camp. Today we are gonna take a peek at the Mora Garberg. The Garberg is an outdoors knife designed for fishing, hunting, survival and tactical use. This particular model comes equipped with the Mora Multi-Mount.

Inside the Mora Garberg

The Mora Garberg Sports a 4.3-inch long blade and has an overall length of 9 inches. It weighs 8.5 ounces with sheath and multi-mount and is a full tang knife. This is actually the first full tang blade Mora has produced and did so based on customer demand. The blade is made from carbon steel, which offers its advantages and challenges. Carbon steel can get exceptionally sharp and is quite easy to sharpen. Edge retention is great, but carbon steel has one fatal flaw. Corrosion. Corrosion can take carbon steel from nice and shiny to dull and rusty if you aren’t careful. It’s best to keep this blade nice and dry. To keep rust at bay you need to apply a little blade oil here and there. 

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The blade has a clip point with a nice round belly. Its perfect for cleaning game. The grind is a Scandi (Did you expect anything different?) and this particular model features a dark black finish to reduce glare and help aid corrosion resistance.

In the Hand

I will say the Mora Garberg is refreshing in its simplicity. It doesn’t try to be revolutionary, it just tries to cover the basics of being a good knife, and it does so well.  The grip is made from a stiff polymer with a nice hand swell and shape. It’s a wide grip that gives you a nice comfortable means to hold the knife. It feels solid in the hands and is textured for a solid grip.  It’s comfortable with a standard strong grip and with a more precise thumb behind the grip hold. The bottom of the grip has a small lanyard loop and the tang is exposed slightly to work as a glass breaker.

The Mora Garberg: Defining Simplicity

The Blade

The Blade of the Mora Garberg is razor sharp. The edge is absolutely brilliant. Today I needed to butcher two chickens and decided it was a good time to test the Mora Garberg out. It sliced through the chicken skin, meat, and muscle with very little effort. Controlling the blade was easy and separating the skin, and guts from the chicken was a breeze. The blade’s belly makes skinning game and separating meat from bone remarkably simple.

The Mora Garberg: Defining Simplicity

Outside of that the blade sports a square spine with sharp edges. It’s perfect for batoning wood, and striking ferous rods. The hard edge is especially handy with these fire starting rods.  The blade is nice and tough. It’s simple but it works.

The Mora Garberg: Defining Simplicity

The Multi-Mount

The Multi-Mount sheath system is also quite unique. It gives the user a wide range of options for mounting the knife. It can be used with something as simple as MOLLE with the included velcro straps. You could also mount to nearly anything with zip ties or even screws or nails. The knife can be mounted nearly anywhere, and multiple mounts will give you a QD method of moving the knife around.

The Mora Garberg: Defining Simplicity

My only real complaint comes from the sheath itself. The knife goes nearly all the way into it. This can make drawing the knife a little tricky. You can’t get a real solid grip on the handle with your full hand so you have to use just a few fingers. The knife isn’t going to escape from the sheath though.

The Mora Garberg: Defining Simplicity

Overall, this is a simple knife, but a strong one. It’s easy to use, and robust enough for fieldwork. The Mora Garberg is an excellent knife and one I’d have no issues suggesting to our readers.