When I first got my hands on the MOS Tactical S4 sling I was a little baffled by the design. It seemed like nothing more than a tubular nylon runner you would use for climbing and a sling snap hook. The runner is stitched together with what looks like the same way that rated climbing runners are. I’m not saying it’s safe to use for climbing but the guys at MOS Tactical did test its strength by towing cars with a single sling. The more I sat and thought about it I remembered the phrase “less is more” and the possibilities started rushing to me.

This sling is not for the weekend warrior that sees something and needs to read directions on how to use it. That is the beauty of this sling, it allows you to use it in such a wide variety of configurations.  The only limits to the S4 sling are your own imagination.

The first way I ran it was as a regular one-point loop sling around my body. You can just as easily use it the same way with a plate carrier on or chest rig. At first you think, “well that’s great but I don’t like how low the weapon sits”, but like I said, less is more so while there is no complex system to adjust the carry height of your rifle you can easily just put an overhand knot in it at the appropriate spot and viola.

MOS Tactical S4: The most minimal sling on the planet

The next way I tried it out was as an anchored one point where the runner was fixed to the back of my plate carrier with an S-biner and the hook was run through a couple loops of molle to keep it from sliding. Over the shoulder through the shoulder pad and it hand at a perfect height off to one side. Again, adjusting the carry height is as easy as throwing an overhand knot in it. This is especially nice if you are like me and don’t like to use a sling on your rifle but need somewhere to clip on to really quick in the event of a CASEVAC or when you are doing key leader engagement.

MOS Tactical S4: The most minimal sling on the planet

The final way I tested out was anchoring the runner in the middles of the plate carrier, again using an S-biner, and running a piece of the sling over each shoulder through the shoulder pads, putting the clip hanging right in the middle of your chest.

MOS Tactical S4: The most minimal sling on the planet

The possibilities are endless with this piece of gear from using it as a sling to an impromptu dog leash. Just think about it. They are available in a number of different sizes and colors/patterns. You can also get either a snap hook or a mash hook. Go get one, use it, love it, free yourself from the norm.

Author – Wes Nanny is former Marine with combat deployments to Afghanistan. He is now pursuing a career in law enforcement.