Editors note: As of the original writing of this the M18 Striker and M18 Maverick were Olight’s two tactical light options. Since then, Olight has released the newer version called the M1X Striker.

A good everyday carry light, in my opinion, is a must. Along with my blade, I carry one everywhere. A flashlight can make an ideal weapon in a non-permissive environment where you cannot carry a concealed firearm or even a blade. Recently, I was traveling out of state for work, which meant I wasn’t able to carry a gun or blade. My only option was my light. I threw my Streamlight ProTac 2L in my bag and went through security without any issues. Even on a plane, a light with a decent strike bezel can subdue a would-be threat. Never underestimate the capabilities of a quality everyday carry light.

My Olight M18 Striker comes with an aggressive strike bezel. Another feature to look for in an everyday carry light is the pocket clip. Most lights in this category have pocket clips, but the Olight seems to be a deeper carry than most – I prefer this.


Weight:  0.0575 kg

Dimensions: 5.24″ long x 0.91″ in diameter

Power Source: Powered by two CR123a, two RCR123a or a single 18650 battery. I prefer the CR123 batteries due to their extended shelf life when not in use. The batteries are housed in a plastic sleeve in order to ensure a solid electrical connection and to reduce the noise of the batteries rattling around.

Olight M18 Striker Flashlight: An Ideal Everyday Carry Light
Deep Carry Pocket Clip


  • High Mode: 800 Lumen / 1.8 hrs – Overheat protection ramps down initial output after one minute to the low setting
  • Low Mode: 150 Lumen / 8 hrs
  • Strobe Mode: 10Hz
Two CR123 batteries contained in a plastic sleeve inside the flashlight.

Lens: Glass Lens – protected by the strike bezel

Olight M18 Striker Flashlight: An Ideal Everyday Carry Light
Strike bezel into a tree!

Light: 800-Lumen high setting and 150-Lumen low setting. The low setting is never kept in memory, so you have instant access to the 800-Lumen high setting for defensive use. Simplicity under stress is key to surviving an attack.

Impact Resistance: The stainless steel bezel provides extra protection for the lens against drops.

Water Resistance: waterproof up to two meters.

MSRP: You’ll need to do some searching on 3rd party sites to find the original M18 Striker. The newer upgraded replacement, the M1X Striker, can be found on Amazon for around $59.95.

Uses: Personal defense, hiking, exploring caves or other dark areas, camping, and everyday household use.


Five Brightness Levels from 0.5 to 1000 Lumens Plus a Strobe Mode
The Light Features a Maximum Beam Distance up to 190m and a Maximum Runtime of 360Hrs.
There Is a 99% Light Transmittance Rate Through the Tempered Glass Lens That Has a Two-sided Anti-reflective Coating; PX-8 Water-proof Capability
Shockproof Body and Enhanced Conductivity Tail Cap Structure
5 Year Warranty Guarantee: All Olight Flashlights with Full 5 Years Manutacturer’s Warranty and 100% Cutomer Satisfaction Guarantee.