Cut cases are all the current rage in the firearms industry. Ain’t nobody got time for some generic random cut case. A case cut specifically for your firearm offers greater protection, a more compact package, and a stylish design. Looking cool is half the battle after all. The Peak Cases Shockwave Case is quite gangster for lack of a better term. It’s almost a modern incarnation of the old Violin cases used to stash guns. On the outside, it’s not tactical or even sporting looking. It’s just a case… But if Tinder has taught me anything its whats on the inside that counts. (Tinder has taught me nothing tbh.)

Inside the Shockwave Case

It’s something guys like John Wick and El Mariachi would carry, and something you may want to consider. This Shockwave case is, of course, custom cut for your Mossberg 590 Shockwave or your Remington Tac 14. The model you see here is for the 12 gauge variants, but 20 gauge options also exist. As you can see your Shockwave won’t be lonely in the Peak Case Shockwave Case.

Peak Cases: The John Wick approved Shockwave Case

The Peak Case Shockwave Case does accommodate two full sized guns, and actually, they can go beyond full size. The pistol cuts have additional blocks that can be removed to accommodate even larger guns. This allows it to fit guns like the Glock 34 or guns wearing compensators, and even miniature red dot optics. I tossed in my Glock 17 equipped with an NC Star Flip Dot and it fits with the dot up or down.

Just to answer some questions the other gun is a CZ 75B (B stands for ‘because I’m a hipster.” ) It’s wearing a Mec Gar extended 19 round magazine and that’s why it looks a little longer in the grip than normal.

Peak Cases: The John Wick approved Shockwave Case

Alongside that, the Shockwave Case has 30 slots for 12 gauge shells that fit perfectly in the case. The rims make them easy to remove for whatever purpose they may serve. On the opposite side of the case, you have 5 slots for magazines or other small pieces of gear. I tossed in two additional Glock magazines and two CZ 75B magazines as well as a 1Tac flashlight.

Foam Matters

The design of the Shockwave Case isn’t just some cheap bullcrap. It’s designed to provide the ultimate level of protection to your guns. The foam is soft, thick and firm. The bottom and top of the weapons are protected by an inch of foam. The top of the foam is covered with blue polyester felt to keep the foam lasting long and looking new. The case itself is an extra heavy 7mm EVA hard shell case that’s metal band reinforced. This means you, or likely airport workers, are able to kick the crap out of it and your guns will remain safe and protected. The outside is then covered in ballistic nylon.

Peak Cases: The John Wick approved Shockwave Case

Oh, did I mention it’s a TSA approved case? The case comes outfitted with a combo locking system that’s small and ingenious. It locks the zippers and you can open it via combo or TSA key.

Lastly, the Shockwave Case has bumpers on the bottom for a smooth ride and to prevent undue stress on the case. It’s small enough to squeeze under a bed, which makes it perfect for hotel storage. It rocks a simple handle and best of all is low profile. Nothing about it screams gun case. Even the Peak Case logo is low key. The Shockwave Wave doesn’t make waves until it’s opened.

Peak Cases: The John Wick approved Shockwave Case

Peak Case isn’t a one-trick pony. The Shockwave Case is just one of many custom cut cases they produce. They make them for all your favorite guns like the CZ Scorpion, the MPX, AR 15s of all sizes, and even to more Fudd like guns like O/U shotguns. My little mini 80 percent lower AR is gonna get a guitar case. Also, their prices really blow my mind. The Shockwave case you see here goes for under a 150 bucks.

Check out the Peak Case Shockwave Case, and all their other cases here.