I just received a great new product for dry firing when you cannot get to the range. Hits Arms 9MM laser bullet and it is also available in 38 Special, 7.62X39, .223/5.56 Nato, 308, 30:06 and 12 gauge at www.ahitsarms.com

The two firearms that I used for my dry fire practice were a Beretta 92 and RIA 9MM 1911.

Before you begin using the laser bullet please ensure that the firearm magazine is removed, the action cleared and live ammo is nowhere near the firearm. Now repeat that just to be safe!! Unscrew the laser bullet to expose the batteries and remove the plastic cap on the batteries. Now you are ready to load the laser bullet into your empty 9MM magazine. It will feed like a live round so nothing special has to be done to chamber the laser bullet. The Hits Arms 9MM laser bullet is the same dimension as a live 9MM round. It has been tested to 5000 shots but I have heard of some that went beyond 10,000 shots. It is also good out to 200 + yards for practicing at night. As with any laser please do not point at people or any moving vehicles (aircraft included). Also, please do not drop the laser bullet or expose to extreme temperatures.

Loaded into a double action firearm, a pull of the trigger will produce a laser light shot every time. For single action firearms a half rack of the slide is all that is needed for every shot. This is a safe way for indoor practice and improving your aiming skills when you cannot get to the range. Removing the laser bullet is as simple as pulling back the slide to remove as in ejecting a live round. Practice can be done in the comfort of your home but if you do use outside, please use responsibly and be considerate of neighbors.

This is the best laser bullet that I have found to use for practice. It is true to the dimensions of a 9MM round and feeding the round for use and ejection after use is a simple normal loading and unloading procedure.

This article was written by John P. DeBeasso Jr.

John retired in 2011 after 35 years with the federal government and went to work for Armscor/Rock Island Armory to head up their Dealer Stocking Rebate Program, Range Program and the Military Commemorative Firearms Program. He enjoys all of the shooting sports from hunting to target shooting. He currently resides in Virginia Beach, Viginia with his wife and four dogs.