The Rat Worx MRX line of knives are incredible, to say the least. I’ve always thought of automatic knives as having too many possible points of failure, and not strong enough to withstand rigorous use. But through their many years of research and testing, Rat Worx has come up with a damn-near indestructible automatic knife.

Style of knife: Chain-driven automatic, blacked-out version

Blade length: 3.5″ to the Ricasso. Overall blade length is 4″.

Overall length: 8.5″ including the ergonomic Hammer-Hold angle.

Type of edge: Standard V grind

Rat Worx MRX Clip Point Style Blade
Rat Worx MRX clip-point-style blade

Blade and handle materials: The blade is made from CPM154 Steel—my favorite! The handle is constructed from black, class-III anodized aluminum.

Rat Worx MRX Handle
Rat Worx MRX handle
Rat Worx MRX Pocket Clip
Rat Worx MRX pocket clip

MSRP: $325, direct from Rat Worx or from with the anodized finish.

Unique features: Operates on a miniature roller chain. Blade pivots on a permanently lubricated ball-bearing washer system. Powered by dual-nested right- and left-hand wound extension springs. Model name and manufacturer are concealed within the handle for a sterile look.

Rat Worx MRX Chain Drive
Rat Worx MRX chain drive
Company Name concealed on the inside of the handle.
Company name concealed on the inside of the handle

Application: Everyday carry, tactical, personal defense

Pros: It’s probably the toughest automatic knife on the market to date, and it’s 100 percent U.S.-made.

Cons: High price.

Bottom line/overall performance: I previously did a review on MRX’s original two-tone full-size knife and their Mini MRX. I have beat these knives up in the field, gotten them dirty, and they still perform and lock up as tight as they did when I first got them. Yes, they are a bit on the expensive side, but having a USA-made knife constructed of very high-quality materials, designed and tested with great attention to detail, makes it worth it to me. I’ve never seen another automatic take the abuse these can and not fail!