I ordered my first Remington 700 and the next day the internet was ablaze with news about yet another recall from one of America’s most famed manufacturers.  Remington has recalled an American classic, the Remington 700.  Unfortunately I believed the more tabloid-like gun blogs and thought it included all Remington 700s. Fortunately that is not true, to see if the recall impacts your 700 get the facts from Remington here.  When the rifle arrived I wasn’t a fan of the factory trigger and began to consider options.  I could send the new rifle off to the manufacturer who made an error in the first place, or I could upgrade the rifle myself at home.

The decision logic was that if I ordered a trigger from a parts company like Brownell’s I’d likely get the parts, install them, and be back on the range quicker than the alternative.  That alternative of course, was to file for the recall, await a shipping label, send the rifle off, wait for Remington to get to it, and then wait for it to be shipped home.  Moral factors also came into play.  It is a tough time for the industry, and I could either punish a company for recognizing a defect or support the industry.  By ordering an upgraded trigger from Brownell’s I would support Brownell’s, TriggerTech (the trigger of choice), and let Remington lick its wounds privately.

Having yet to even disassemble the rifle I contacted Brownell’s and learned about just how easy an upgrade was.  I selected an option from TriggerTech.  The TriggerTech trigger is “frictionless” and adjustable down to 1.5lbs.  Since the rifle is going to be more of a bench rifle than a hunting rifle it sounded perfect.  The order was made and I was back on the range within a week with an incredible trigger.  Also appealing to me was that it was a newer brand and less expensive than many of the more popular options.  I trusted that Brownell’s would not carry it if it wasn’t a worthy consideration.  Installation was simple and I couldn’t be more pleased.  There is truly zero creep and the trigger hardly moves at all, it simply fires once the desired pressure it applied.

The moral of this story isn’t about a manufacturer’s blunder, nor the glory of a new product, but rather about supporting our industry.  In tough times I was able to support two companies while not hurting a third.  These facts, combined with now having a better trigger than I could have hoped for make for happy shooting.

Photo courtesy of Remington.