It is no secret that I am a fan of Safariland. Their products are always at the cutting edge of development and they keep moving the edge forward. Their latest development, the Equipment-Locking System, has been a big hit in the competitive shooting world. They are now taking this proven design into duty gear and incorporating their great duty holsters.

The Safariland QAS Duty Belt is 2.25″ wide and is specifically designed to interface with the Safariland Equipment-Locking System (ELS). The pre-cut holes run the length of the belt to allow attachment of ELS 35 receiver plates and QLS receiver plates anywhere on the belt at various angles. The receiver plates attach to the belt using domed-head Allen screws inserted through the inside of the belt into a blind nut on the receiver plate.

Safariland ELS Duty Belt System
Safariland QAS Duty Belt, 2.25″

Once you have mounted the receiver plates, you can instantly attach and detach pouches with the ELS 34 fork affixed, allowing you to change your gear to meet mission demands. Got a shotgun? Put a caddy on. Using an M-4? Put on a magazine carrier. There are all manner of Safariland duty accessories which can be ordered with the ELS locking forks: baton holders, OC holders, rifle and handgunmagazine pouches, holsters, and shotgun-shell carriers. It is an instantly modifiable system; spare gear can be mounted to anything with the same clips. Put a gun or a mag on your vest, in your car, or by your bed.

Safariland ELS Duty Belt System
ELS kit

Like most police duty gear, there is an inner Velcro belt which goes through your pants’ belt loops. The velcro on the inside of the duty belt matches the Velcro lining on the inner belt. This is very secure without being stiff.

My preferred method of attaching a holster is the Model 6004-27 single strap leg shroud with a QLS kit. You can put a QLS 19 Locking Fork on it connect to any Safariland duty holster. The leg shroud with Drop Flex Adapter allows quick transfer of holsters and accessories from thigh carry to other mounting locations. If you already have a Safariland drop holster, the Drop Flex Adapter can be retrofitted to replace the standard vertical leg strap.

Safariland ELS Duty Belt System

If you put an ELS 34 Locking Fork at the top of this rig, you can attach any holster with a QLS and go right or left handed. Because of the flex adaptor, you can sit in a car and move freely with a secure handgun. If you move the handgun to your vest, you can remove the holster. It is like using Legos: Build anything you want.