Since my early days in the military, I have worn silkies (also known as Ranger panties) as underwear on a daily basis because of what they offer and prevent. They prevent chafing and they are supportive without being restrictive. There was never another pair of underwear that did that without some level of discomfort due to chafing, bunching, or feeling like a compression chamber. When I heard about SAXX underwear I was skeptical, but it turns out I have finally found an alternative to silkies.

SAXX has three key features that make them stand out. First is their trademarked BallPark Pouch feature that uses mesh panels to protect your junk and prevent chafing. This is an improved solution similar to the netting inside of silkies, and the BallPark pouch does an even better job of eliminating chafing against your legs. Next is their trademarked reversed stitching so that the inside of the underwear is completely flat against your skin to prevent the seams from digging in. Last is their trademarked Three-D Fit construction that utilizes nine separate panels for the glutes, thighs, quads, and hamstrings to ensure a perfect fit. And as an added bonus, they are designed to allow moisture to dissipate away from the skin, so you feel cool and comfortable at all times.

BallPark Pouch™ | Image courtesy of SAXX

Vibe Trunks

These are my personal favorite fit. They are slim fitted, breathable with no fly, and also feature an anti-roll waistband. These trunks offer support and separation where you need it – due to the BallPark Pouch – but are also incredibly lightweight and flexible. Vibe Trunks are offered in 11 color and pattern variations.

Kinetic Boxer Briefs

For a little more length on the legs than the Vibe Trunks, the Kinetic Boxer Briefs are designed more for physical training and athletics. They feature a micromesh fabric that supports quick-drying and flexible support. The Kinetic line offers semi-compression and no fly. There are 11 color and pattern variations available.

Ultra Boxer Briefs

Also offering a little more length on the legs, the Ultra line provides a more relaxed fit. Incredibly soft and flexible, these are probably the lightest feeling pair of the three styles I own. The Ultra line is available in 18 color and pattern variations.

After several weeks of wearing the SAXX underwear above, I am officially a believer. They are not the cheapest option out there at approximately $30, but they are worth the money if you are frustrated with your current underwear options. They are very well-made and will last a long time without stretching or wearing out. SAXX offers a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with them, feel free to send them back. I’m betting you’re not going to be sending them back though.