More people are using their smart phones as they head off on whatever adventure awaits. Improved GPS apps, ballistic calculators and weather apps all provide critical information for todays outdoorsman. In doing so, the smart phone has become a necessity in the outdoors. However, the outdoors isn’t a very smart phone friendly environment. Moisture, rugged terrain and lack of outlets are a few of the challenges that need to be overcome. Snow Lizard, known for their durable phone cases, have addressed these issues. Enter the SLXtreme 7 Case for the iPhone 7.

Snow Lizard SLXtreme 7 iPhone Case | First Look

This is a robust case to say the least. To protect a delicate iPhone, the SLXtreme 7 case achieved the highest military-grade drop proof rating of 810G. Withstanding a fall from 2 meters without damage. Additionally, the SLXtreme 7 is engineered for water protection up to 2 meters earning a rating of IP-68. Knowing your iPhone will withstand a fall into a creek or a drop into shallow water is a real piece of mind. And for the adventurous photographer, a little underwater photography is achievable. The camera lens protector has been designed to provide crystal clear images.

Snow Lizard SLXtreme 7 iPhone Case | First Look

Addressing the issue of battery drain, the SLXtreme has a few tricks up its sleeve. First is an integrated 4000 mAh battery. Essentially increasing the battery life of the iPhone 7 by 185%. This allows up to an additional 16 hours of talk time or 12 hours of app usage. And when you’ve exhausted both onboard and auxiliary batteries, the SLXtreme features an integrated top-tier (23% efficient) monocrystalline solar panel to keep your adventure going. Four green lights on the back of the case indicate how effective the solar panel is working. And every hour of solar charging provides enough power for a 10 minute phone call. Never leaving you completely without comms.

Snow Lizard SLXtreme 7 iPhone Case | First Look

Snow Lizard packages this rugged iPhone case in a reusable dry box. Included in the box are; SLXtreme case for iPhone 7, Micro USB Cable, Lanyard, and a User’s Guide. This summer will bring several outdoor adventures and a full review of the SLXtreme from Snow Lizard will be posted on the Loadout Room.

Snow Lizard SLXtreme 7 specs courtesy of

  • Product Dimensions – 6.56” x 3.35” x 1”
  • Product Weight – 7.5 oz./212.6g
  • Integrated Battery – 4000 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer
  • Solar Panel – 20% efficient, 160mA
  • Packaging Dimensions –  7.87″ x 4.53″ x 1.73″ (200 x 115 x 44mm)
  • IP-68 – This is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust. The number 6 is the Highest Rating for protection from solid particles, like dirt, sand, dust and debris. The 8 is the Highest Waterproof Rating for depths up to 2m/6.6ft. for up to thirty minutes.
  • MIL-STD 810G – Designed and built to meet or exceed the U.S. Military Test Standards to withstand a wide range of conditions including the following:
    • Low Pressure
    • High/Low Temperatures
    • Temperature Shock
    • Shock, Falls from up to 2m/6.6ft.
    • Wind-Blown and Freezing Rain
    • Humidity
    • Fungus
    • Rust-Resistance
    • Sand/Dust Exposure

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