I was really stoked to get my hands on one of these holsters. There are many holster makers out there, but there are few that I trust, especially when it was designed by a former Special Operations dude.

The SOB Deep Concealment holster is just that; Deep Concealment. The design is minimalistic, yet very functional. The holster is everything you NEED and nothing you don’t.

I’ve been wearing this holster for a week straight now with my Glock 17. Absolutely no issues at all and it is extremely comfortable. After the initial break-in of a day I hardly even notice it’s there. It’s even comfortable when driving and jumping around playing volleyball with my daughter.

But what about its ability to conceal and not print? After all, that is what the description implies. Well, I can tell you this; I’ve been wearing the holster for a week with my full-size Glock 17. Many of those places are what would be considered non-permissive environments (purposely done to prove its ability to conceal). I’ve worn it both with a polo shirt (untucked obviously) and just a t-shirt. Absolutely no printing and nobody has ever said a word to me.

SOB Deep Concealment Holster | Review
AIWB Position
SOB Deep Concealment Holster | Review
Full size Glock 17 fully concealed using the SOB Deep Concealment Holster

The clip on the holster does really well at retaining the holster when drawing the pistol. I’ve come across many clips on the market that are not functional at all. Honestly, when I took a close look at the one that comes installed on the SOB Deep Concealment holster, I had my doubts. Boy was I proven wrong!

SOB Deep Concealment Holster | Review
Holster Clip

I found that to really reduce any printing I just clipped the holster directly to my pants and let the clip grab onto my pants material vs. having it clipped to my belt. By clipping the holster directly to my pants allows the pistol to suck into my body better. My belt acts as a shelf for the grip of my pistol to rest on as well. This is what really allows the holster to be a ‘deep concealment’ holster.

SOB Deep Concealment Holster | Review

Well done SOB Tactical! I’m going to be rocking this holster for a while. It’s not often you come across a concealed carry holster that can actually conceal a full-size pistol.