Suppress Your Blast and Add an Inch or Two with Surefire

Suppressing your blast on a short barrelled pistol or rifle can be a challenge.  You can meet that challenge with Surefire’s Warden Blast Regulator.

You can also add a couple of inches, and let’s face it, sometimes we need a couple more inches.  By adding a Surefire Muzzle Brake and pairing it with the Surefire Warden Blast Regulator you can find those inches.

Save your money for a bit and upgrade later to a suppressor and use the same Muzzle Brake by planning ahead.

The AR pistol that I worked on in this situation needed a couple more inches to keep from doing damage to the handguard.  The set-up, as it was, was blasting from the muzzle into the handguard.  It would only have been a matter of time before damage was done.

How It’s Done

I started by placing my Geissele Automatics Reaction Rod into my vise.

Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

Once I secured the reaction rod, I slid the AR pistol upper onto the reaction rod and gently removed the existing muzzle brake.

Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

I removed the old muzzle brake with my armorers wrench and set the brake and washer aside.  I cleaned the threads of the barrel off with some acetone degreaser and also cleaned the threads of the new brake.

After letting it dry, I clocked the new muzzle brake using the supplied timing wheel chart.  I set this brake up a little between “neutral” and for a right-handed shooter.

After finding the perfect amount of shims, I applied some Rocksett to the threads and torqued the new muzzle brake to the barrel.

Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

After getting it timed and torqued I loosened the collar on the Surefire Warden Blast Regulator and slid it on to the Brake, twisted it tight, and it was ready.

I slid the handguard back into place and secured the set screws with some medium strength thread lock.

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Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

With it all back together, the Warden Blast Regulator gives the AR Pistol a great look and hopefully a great function!

Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

We hope to get out to the range very soon to try it out and see what kind of a difference it makes.  Obviously, this is going to solve the problem the owner had with needing a couple more inches.  At least that’s what she said.

The SureFire Warden Blast Regulator should also help with directing any concussive blast out the front of the muzzle instead of out the sides of the muzzle brake, helping protect the hearing of any shooters on either side.  It should also help with kicking up less dust when shooting from the prone position.  Here in the northwest, it should help with kicking up less mud.

Suppress Your Blast with Surefire

Don’t Just Build It, Train With It

You can find the tools and parts you need to build and shoot the rifle or AR pistol you want at Rainier Arms.  When you’re done getting the firearm set-up it’ll be time for some training! Come see us at Willapa Firearms Training for your training needs.