Plate carriers have gotten smaller and smaller as the GWOT has progressed. Ballistic protection has gotten light and the plate carriers are getting cut for a closer and closer fit. This stands in stark contrast to the IOTV and Interceptor body armor from when I first joined. These trends allow the warfighter to shoot and move on the battlefield more efficiently. Companies such as Crye, London Bridge Training and Ronin Tactics have released excellent minimalist carriers in the last couple years.  These carriers are increasingly being issued as they are superior to old designs in a variety of ways (Airborne ops, weight, ventilation) in an increasingly asymmetric war.

Tactical Tailor is a company known to many. We’re currently issued their rucks and chest rigs. I’ve used their gear prior to that as well and was always impressed with the stitching and quality. Tactical Tailor recently came out with their Rogue line of gear which is touted as using, “the newest advancement in design and materials to bring light weight, efficiency, and versatility to the Military Professional, Police Officer, Contractor, or Range Shooter while still being affordable.”

Tactical Tailor releases Rogue Plate Carrier

Within the Rogue line of gear is the Rogue Plate Carrier which follows many of the design aesthetics of light weight minimalist carrier designs with a few twists. The construction of the carrier allows the user to fit odd sized plates or to size up one plate. The carrier also features large loop panels with MOLLE channels which allows users to attach a variety of chest rigs, pouches, and other necessary accessories as needed. The weight of the carrier is 1.05 lbs without the side plate pockets as noted in the website. With the cummerbund added it likely weighs somewhat less than what the Crye JPC weighs (1.2 lbs approx). The Rogue Plate carrier also features a drag handle.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Rogue Plate Carrier yet I feel that it combines many of the good features from other minimalist, lightweight designs (large loop, drag handle, easy sizing of odd plates) and incorporates them into a well thought out package. Tactical Tailor lists the price of the Rogue Plate Carrier anywhere from 186 – 225 bucks depending on size and pattern / color.

Images courtesy of Tactical Tailor