The Gerber Key Note is one of the smallest folding knives I’ve ever seen. The little Key Note gains its name because it’s roughly the size of a key fob. It easily squeezes onto a key chain and is so small and odd it hardly looks like a knife. The low price (less than $20) also makes this weird knife an easy investment. The Key Note is tiny, but size doesn’t always matter. In fact, sometimes smaller is better. 

What’s the Key Note Good For?

This is the big question. You look at the photos and think, what the hell can I use that thing for? That should be the question you ask before any gear purchase, but sometimes purpose and use are more evident. 

Small EDC Tasks

Gotta open a box? Well, then the Key Note is for you. The Key Note cuts through rope, tape, paper, or anything similar. This teeny-tiny knife is still quite handy for 90 percent of EDC tasks a modern person encounters. Its super small size makes it easy to carry it anywhere and at any time. It can also be used as a chisel to scrape and slice.

If you work in a more urban environment and have a white-collar job, then the Key Note will likely accomplish most tasks you’ll put it against. 

As A Backup Blade

Attach this thing to a keychain, and if you have your keys, you have a small and handy blade on you. Should you break your knife, lose it, or, if you’re like me, forget the thing in your car, then you have a backup. Whip out your keys, pop open your blade, and you have some kind of cutting implement. 

Emergency Escape and Evade Tool

The Key Note is ultra-small and hardly looks like a knife. It could be easily hidden and tucked away in a non-permissible environment. It could be overlooked during a general pat down due to its small size and weird shape. The pocket clip allows you to tuck it between your belt and body. It is nearly invisible unless you are searched extensively. 

The small blade isn’t a great weapon by any means, but you could use it to cut through a variety of materials often use to bind captives. The Key Note will slice through duct tape, zip ties, and most other non-metal materials. 

Once you escape having even a small knife is better than having no knife. You can skin small game with it, use it to strike a ferrous rod, and more. 

The Details

The Key Note has a one-inch blade with an interesting design. It has no noticeable point. Rather, the blade is chisel-like with a corner going to a straight blade. This design does give a tiny knife a surprising amount of cutting edge. The corner edge allows you to dig as deep and penetrate well. 

The blade design allows the Key Not to punch up outside of its weight class.

Its handle is suitable: it is made from aluminum, and textured for a decent grip, even with shooting gloves. Yet, its grip is very small, and it won’t fill your hand. Don’t expect to do heavy tasks at any degree with the Key Note

This is a folding knife that can’t be flipped out rapidly. The rear of the blade acts as a flipper that allows you to get the opening started, and then you can pinch the blade and open it fully. The blade locks into place easily and stays tight and sturdy. 

The Key Note is an affordable little knife that serves a small niche. It is a great option for someone who wants to reduce pocket bulk. The little fella has a lot of potential for both EDC and professional use. The Key Note isn’t for everyone or for every task, but it’s impressive for its size and price point. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

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