Who doesn’t love the SIG P365? I can remember when the press release hit my email and I was blown away by the specs. At the next SHOT Show, the gun was everywhere and beloved by all. I got one as quickly as I could, and over time I began to extensively modify my P365 into the gun I wanted it to be. Essentially I upped the size of a compact pistol to turn it into a do-anything pistol.

My P365 is at home in a holster for daily carry and is also well suited for home defense. Each upgrade added some size and weight, but ultimately the weapon is still quite compact and easy to carry. It’s an outstanding firearm, and today I’m going to share the parts and pieces I’ve used to produce what I feel is the ultimate P365.


P365 – The Core weapon

The SIG P365 is what’s called a micro-compact pistol. These weapons are essentially the same size as a single stack pistol but offer you double-stack capacity. SIG designed a pistol that is the same size as a Glock 43 but offered you 10 rounds instead of six. It’s impressive, lightweight, offers you awesome ergonomics, and is highly reliable. What’s not to like?

SIG P365
(Courtesy of author)

Ultimately, I knew I wanted to make a few changes to improve the weapon’s capabilities. I wanted to shoot faster, farther, and have a more controllable weapon, while keeping it reliable.


The Slide – P365 XL

The SIG P365 XL was a slightly larger variant than the P365. I liked the long slide that was also optics ready. The longer slide provided a longer sight radius and made the weapon easier to control. Just for looks, I went for an FDE slide. Ultimately, the XL slide helps make the weapon easy to control, easier to shoot accurately, and allows me to mount the optic.

(Courtesy of author)

SIG designed the XL slide to fit both the XL and standard grip frame without issue. This ensures reliability and keeps the more important parts stock and therefore reliable. For concealment, I can use an IWB holster, and the extra length of the P365 XL slide doesn’t cause concealment issues.


The Optic – Holosun 507K

One of the best upgrades you can make to a handgun is attaching an optic to it. An optic makes life much easier. It will help you shoot faster and farther. In the realm of micro-compact pistols, the very best micro-optic is the Holosun 507K. The Holosun 507K utilizes the Shield mini footprint and fits perfectly on the SIG slide.

Holosun optin SIG P365
Holosun optic on a SIG P365. (Courtesy of author)

Users can use a 2 MOA reticle, a 32 MOA circle, or a 32 MOA circle with a 2 MOA dot. I like the big dot and circle because it is easy to see and put on target.


The Barrel – True Precision

Nothing is wrong with the SIG barrel, but it can be better. The True Precision barrel provides a match-grade barrel with threading to add muzzle devices too. It’s a drop-in barrel that’s super easy to install and provides an instant upgrade which will tighten those groups a fair bit.


The Compensator – Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp

I wanted a threaded barrel to add a muzzle device. To keep the pistol small and handy, I went with the Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp. It’s superbly small and provides three ports to help reduce recoil and muzzle rise. This super small comp is hardly any bigger than a thread protector and does an impressive job of keeping your gun on target.

Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp SIG P365
Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp Compensator on the SIG P365. (Courtesy of author)

It’s especially handy when you start rocking and rolling with rapid-fire. It adds a little extra edge to make the P365 a fair bit easier to control and use.


The Frame – Standard P365

I went with the standard P365 frame for size purposes. It remains small but still fills my hand and grants me an easy-to-control platform. With the pinky extension, it fits my hand perfectly and provides a very nice platform. The smaller-sized grip module makes it easy to conceal in an IWB holster.


The Light – TLR-7 SUB

Finally, attached to that light is the TLR-7 Sub. This light is a massively powerful option for guns this small. Five hundred lumens and 5,000 candelas are an impressive amount of power for a gun this small. It provides me with plenty of light for close-range encounters and makes my P365 perfect for home defense and indoor situations. It’s not great for duty-style use, but it’s a rock-solid light for your average concealed carrier.

TLR-7 Sub
TLR-7 Sub light. (Courtesy of author)

Small gun lights don’t get better than the TLR-7 Sub. You won’t find this power and consistent performance with other lights, and it spanks both the cheaper Olight and the more expensive Surefire options.


The P365 – A Revolution

The P365 created a new genre of firearms that has since grown legs and run away. Everyone from Taurus to Ruger has now produced a Micro Compact, and they all owe SIG a thank you. My Gucci SIG P365 might not be for everyone, but it’s become my all-time favorite carry handgun. It provides everything I need for a carry gun. Beyond that, it’s more accurate, faster and easier to shoot, and more controllable. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?