Olight is a somewhat large company producing a wide variety of different lights. I’ve tried several of their weapon lights and decided to stick with my Streamlights, Surefires, and Cloud Defensive lights. I’m not a hater, just not a fan.

Nevertheless, what I am a fan of is the Olight OPen 2. This little fella snuck up on me and surprised me. The OPen 2 is both a pen and a penlight, but it approaches the idea in a different way. 

The OPen 2

The OPen 2 features a light that’s 90 degrees offset from the pen’s tip, rather than following the usual approach of having the light on the pen’s head.

Everyone should carry a pen and notebook with them — or at least have them close at hand — as part of their EDC. With that in mind, it’s handy to carry something that can serve multiple roles. 

OPen 2 has an all-aluminum design that’s built to be durable and long-lasting. The same material is used to make 80 lower AR 15 receivers. The pen itself is textured and slightly fluted for a sure grip. 

The Pen

The OPen 2 comes with an easily replaceable cartridge — and even comes with a spare just in case. Refills are also easy to find. The pen portion deploys via a bolt action design. Push it down and to the right, and the pen locks into place. The tip glides across the page insanely smoothly and it’s a real joy to write with. The ink is black, as you’d expect, but I’m sure you could find blue if you prefer to be unprofessional. 

The Light

The OPen 2 packs an adjustable light source that ranges from five lumens to 120. The light is surprisingly bright and it can light a room up with ease. Control of the light is regulated to the push top button. A simple click turns it on to five lumens, and a double click shoots it to 120 lumens. You can adjust the lumens from five to 20, to 60, and then to 120 by holding the button and allowing it to cycle through the different settings. 

The light is cold meaning that it’s more whitish blue than anything else. This comforting tone makes it easy to use for long periods of time. The light can last as long as eight hours at five lumens, which is the perfect intensity for reading a book. At the high 120 lumens mode, the light can last 20 minutes. 

How They Work Together

The light itself integrates perfectly into the pen. The 90-degree light pocket clip allows you to connect the light to your most offensive shirt or your pocket and have a hands free light for work purposes. 

You can remove the light from the pen and use them independently of each other. You can split the light from the pen and take notes in the dark without issue. 

The light is rechargeable and comes with a USB attachment. Once you separate the light from the pen, you can recharge it easily enough. It takes 55 minutes for a full recharge and then you’re ready to go once more. 

OPen 2 sports an impressive design, and it has really captured my attention. Its light’s power is limited, but you shouldn’t forget that it’s a penlight. And for a penlight, it’s more powerful than most. It writes extremely well. It is comfortable and easy to use, and can be charged with ease. It’s an awesome tool that’s joining my EDC. 

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