Whatever happened to the classic deep carry, super discreet boot knife? Well, knife laws in the states turned out to be surprisingly loose, and people could typically carry a knife however, they see fit. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for a discreet and easy to carry fixed blade. The SOG Mini Instinct could be tossed into that role if necessary but it really goes beyond a boot knife. 

SOG is a legendary producer of folding knives, fixed blades, tomahawks, and more. The SOG Instinct is a tiny fixed blade knife. The SOG Mini Instinct is a mere 4.8 inches long overall with a blade length of 1.9 inches. This little fella comes with a modern polymer sheath that’s modular and designed with discreet carry in mind. Hell its small enough to fit in an AR grip, why not use a AR 15 case for your boot knife. When you run dry you can still stick and stab. 

The Instinct could be used as an EDC knife, as a last-ditch self-defense weapon, or even an escape and evade tool. Small knives are what they are, and their biggest strength is your ability to hide them. So how exactly can you hide and carry the SOG Mini Instinct?

Neck Knife

The Mini Instinct comes with a chain; this makes it easy to wear the blade as a necklace. Neck knives have grown in popularity because of the remarkable ease of carrying them: You don’t need a belt, or even shoes and pants. You can strap the SOG Mini Instinct on and go for a run with the knife hanging around your neck. It’s discreet, and the strong fiction fit sheath ensures it stays put.

Inside the Waistband

The SOG Mini Instinct comes with a neat clip that is designed specifically for inside-the-waistband carry by fitting over a belt and locking into place. Additionally, the clip can be reversed to either side: This ensures that it’s easy to conceal for both left-handed and right-handed users. The clip can also be rotated to present the knife at a multitude of angles.

Outside the Waistband

If you reverse the clip and move it into a position that allows for total horizontal carry, you can tote it outside the waistband. This horizontal method of carry makes it disappear completely and keeps it from rubbing your skin for comfortable all-day carry. Also, if carried in an appendix position horizontally, it’s easily accessible when sitting down.

In the Boot

As mentioned earlier, the SOG Mini Instinct is a modern boot knife, but like most modern products, it’s versatile. Its clip is strong and allows you to easily attach the knife inside your boot. The Instinct’s sheath also has lashing points to ensure it’s secured well should you take an outside-the-boot carry method.

The Mini Instinct

The SOG Mini Instinct is a short little knife that’s lightweight and ultra-easy to carry. The Instinct is an excellent knife for concealed carry along with or without a gun. As a fixed blade, as soon as it’s drawn, it’s in action — and you can’t beat the durability and speed of a fixed blade in a fight. The Instinct won’t replace your Ka-Bar, but it will compliment your daily carry well. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

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