Maybe it’s just me, but the tactical world and tactical industry are starting to trend towards discrete and concealed carry. I’m in no way against this, in fact, I rather enjoy it. It’s fascinating to see the industry change and evolve into one that’s more friendly to concealed carry and civilian carry. Crate Club is never behind the times and that’s been reflected in December’s Crate with a few discrete carry tools. One being the Crate Club Neck Knife, one of the first of many Crate Club Exclusives.

Crate Club Neck Knife - A Discrete Slasher

The Crate Club Neck Knife is a small fixed blade knife that’s, lightweight, but devastating. The blade itself is reminiscent of the famed linoleum knife favored by street criminals in Eastern Europe. The Crate Club Neck Knife features an aggressive hook and a razor sharp blade. The inward curve of the blade and sharp hook at the top make a small blade capable of deep and fierce slashes.

Carrying Concealed

The blade is a one piece, full tang knife that comes with a Kydex sheath and ball bead chain. Its low weight makes it quite comfortable for everyday carry and hardly noticeable. It’s thin blade and handle makes it disappear under a nothing more than a standard t-shirt.