Need to up your game a bit while running and doing bodyweight exercises? If so, you should try the TITIN – the world’s only weighted compression gear.

While you can still move naturally, the TITIN shirt will add eight-pounds to your weight, distributing it evenly on your body. There are 14 pockets where you can add hydro-gel inserts, giving you the ability to choose the exact amount of weight you want to train with and exactly where you want to put it.

Another great feature: You can put the hydro-gel inserts in the freezer so they can act as a body cooling system during the hot days and tough training sessions. You can also put them in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds to keep you warm or help relax your muscles after a long, hard PT session.

With the TITIN, I would suggest Crossfit-type exercises and light jogging to start with. As a runner, I know exactly what it means to add more weight when you run (yeah, I use to run with a 30-pound rucksack). Give yourself some time to adapt to the weight, and then increase the intensity level. If you don’t, you might end up injured and on the bench for a while.

The fact that it’s only eight extra pounds, and well distributed, makes it a great asset to add a serious challenge to your training. It will not restrict your natural range of movement. When you train without it, you will notice a major improvement in your performance.

I would also suggest alternating between training with and without it so your body doesn’t get used to the eight extra pounds and start losing the effect of the weighted shirt.

It is also available for women and children with specific sizes, and has a zipper on the oblique for easier access. There are different colors and both the TITIN Force shirt and shorts come with a full set of Hydro-Gel inserts.

TITIN also offers their compression shirt in ‘desert’ and ‘pink-camo’ if you want to be more “tacti-cool.” Though the compression shirts don’t come with the Hydro-Gel inserts, you can buy them on the TITIN website.