Everyone likely knows what an adrenaline rush feels like; car accident, almost car accident, almost in a fistfight, etc.

In combat we may not even know we are running on adrenaline until we stop fighting; then comes the overwhelming feeling of euphoria – survivor euphoria. In this case you must get your heart rate back down to normal quickly. Tactical breathing; breath in, breath out, etc. Over and over until you have lowered your heart rate.

If you are currently serving in the military or law enforcement, this is good information to know.

Today I will talk about adrenaline:


The following are crude figures; for different people they can vary significantly.

The normal human being’s resting heart rate is 60 – 80 Beats Per Minute (BPM).

At 115 BPM you start having vassal constriction. Your arteries open and you will begin to hyperventilate. It has other affects:

Burst of strength – Adrenaline.

This is like when you don’t realize you are hurt until you see blood, etc.

Once you relax the veins will open back up and you have vassal dilation – the opposite affect.

You also start to lose motor control. It’s like on a cold day when you lose the manual dexterity in your hands and fingers – loss of fine motor skills.

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