When it comes to Plate Carries (PCs) for me there are two options; low profile for speed flexibility and light Load-Outs or the other option is Protection. They tend to heavier but also you can get more gear on but you will lose some movement but that choice is you Speed vs Protection. In the past I, have used low profile plate carriers because I like the freedom of movement and the flexibility you get from using these low-profile designs. Deployment was creeping up on me and I needed a revamp on gear as things were heating up in my old stomping ground. The beating heart of new my gear was the Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier that I received from the boys over at Chase Tactical. Upon it arriving at my home I gave it a good once over. The one thing that jumps right out of the box at you is how robust and tough this carrier looks.

Once you start playing around with this you soon realize that it is designed with practicality in mind it has number of useful features on the PC. The main one being the quick release clip on the shoulder if for whatever reason you need to dump your carrier quick this will make all the difference (wounded or a buddy is wounded). The other built-in feature I like is radio pouch on the inside of the PC attached by Velcro simply pop you radio in and place the kangaroo strap on top. My reason for liking the radio pouch on the inside is for two reasons; one being you’re not wasting room on the outside of your rig. Just think of all the possibilities with additional MAG, Grenade, Machete and the list goes on. Two; being it’s on the inside of your rig it feels more secure you would notice if it went missing also you can run your ear piece up the inside and no messing around trying to tuck the loose wires away compact and neat. Don’t worry about changing channels you can still access with ease from the top even with your glove on.

Warrior Assault Systems Plate Carrier
Radio Pouch

This DCS offers great comfort thanks to the built-in padding front & back on top of that the padded removable shoulder straps. All in all its exceptionally comfortable which we all know is important on them long marches! Thanks to the mesh it allows some air to pass through the DCS but don’t expect to say too cool when its hitting 40 plus your still going to sweat on the chest. The carrier is very versatile in adjusting to both height and weight I always find with myself being tall and thin, it’s hard to get a carrier to fit me nice and snug but with this there was no issues. This is down to the Velcro straps on the front and rear you can adjust to whatever size in a few simple moves (really, it’s so simple).

Warrior Assault Systems Plate Carrier

This DCS offers great protection which is something personally I have always struggled with protection vs movement. I believe the more protection you have the less you can move and of course I love my beloved speed. Weight is always an issue in the speed department. This does not fault in either category as there are inserts for side armor and two main plate inserts front and back. With room for Kevlar in all round giving all your vital organs the best chance of protection. Now I know what you are thinking; we most lose some movement and agility with this. But I can say it still offers great flexibility and movement, you don’t feel lumbered down and I never felt like it restricted my movement too much. On the top half the DCS they have shaped it so you can shoulder your weapon right and you can get it tucked in there nice and tight. When fitted right you still get full movement over your hips and waste allowing you lean and bend round those corners. It never felt too bulky no matter what I was doing whether it was body armor runs, CQB or a Recon Op; I would wear this for them all.

Warrior Assault Systems Plate Carrier

This DCS is very versatile in set up because you can set this up in so many ways depending on the job. This is made easier by the amount of MOLLE on the carrier you can just about attach anything to it. I used it for CQB stuff, Patrols, Recon and Training Runs. It feels like the one PC to rule them all no matter what line of work you’re in. This carrier offers both protection and speed I highly doubt that you will find a more comfortable rig to wear at this price. The tough materials used in making this carrier are spot on. I have caught and snagged it on loads of sharp objects and it has not left a mark on it. I think this will last a long time and for sure it will take a lot of punishment before it starts to show any sign of giving up.

In my eyes this is one of the best carriers on the market. I will struggle to find one better for the same price. Even if I were to spent more I still think in terms of price quality it’s going to be hard to beat!!

Once again, a massive thank you the boys at Chase Tactical for hooking me up with some awesome kit.

Thanks guys,