Mobility equals survivability. I remember getting both my jungle boots and leather boots issued to me in the Marine Corps. Those issued boots along with the issued socks did nothing good for my feet. The issued leather boots were worn for pretty much everything at the time. Everything from the dreaded long forced marches to PT runs. When we went on our long forced marches, or humps, we had preset water stops where we dropped our packs, hydrated and checked our feet. More often than not, most guys had hot spots and blisters all over their feet. It kept our medic busy. Typically we would just throw some moleskin on our feet, powder them up and put new socks on. If you’re not mobile, then you’re not combat effective. Later on, some guys purchased either Danner or Matterhorn boots, but again, those were not really designed for long movements on foot while carrying 70+ pounds of warfighting gear. Enter the new GORUCK MACV-1 boot. Designed for rucking and requires no break-in period.

The best story in the history of footwear. Old school Special Forces. Post-9/11 modern-day Special Forces. Inventor of the Reebok Pump. The goal was simple: take the most beloved boots in the history of Special Forces, the Vietnam era jungle boots, and modernize ‘em for today’s use. Make ‘em lighter, tougher, with more support – create the boot at the tip of the spear – today.” – GORUCK

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