If you or someone you care about is an AR-15 geek like I am, here are 10 affordable gift ideas I came up with to place a smile on any AR-15 lover’s face this holiday season:

1. Magpul MOE+ Grip – I own all of the different Magpul AR-15 grips currently available and the MOE+ is my favorite. It has a semi-soft rubber coating which is unlike any of the other grips available from Magpul. It also has the capability of storing small items inside of it too.
2. Otis Brass Scraper Set – This cleaning accessory kit is designed specifically for the AR-15 platform and I have found many of the attachments helpful when cleaning my AR-15.
3. Hoppe’s .223 Bore Snake – I typically do not use cleaning rods with my AR-15 and I feel that this bore snake cleans my bore just fine. Plus, it is compact and flexible so when storing it in a range bag, it does not take up much room and can be literally stuffed into a pocket.
4. Tactical Link EBAL – I have used a variety of “ambidextrous bolt releasing levers” including the Magpul BAD Lever and the Troy Ind. Ambidextrous Bolt Release. The Tactical Link Enhanced Battery Assist Lever is the only one I have used that meets my high standards concerning the finish, function, attachment point strength and of course aesthetics.
5. Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-ASS) – This safety selector (or the 45 degree ‘short throw’ version which I did a review on here) will be in each of the AR-15’s I ever own. Not only is it ambidextrous and able to be used from either side of the rifle, but I feel it operates smoother than any mil-spec selector I have used. Having the ability to change out the different sized and shaped levers that Battle Arms Development offers gives me the opportunity to personalize my AR-15 even more.
6. Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set (BAD-EPS) – These upgraded and enhanced pins are an inexpensive upgrade to anyone’s AR-15. They allow for easier field stripping without the need for tools. This is especially proves true when wearing gloves in the cold weather during this time of year. If you want to learn more about the BAD-EPS, be sure to read my full review here.
7. Raptor Charging Handle – There are a few ambidextrous charging handles available on the market, but the Raptor is the only one that I have chosen to use. The main reason is because of its small profile that is almost the same size of a typical mil-spec charging handle. There are no levers sticking out to get hung up or snagged on anything and because it is ambidextrous, it makes operating and clearing malfunctions on my AR-15 quicker and easier.
8. Howard Leight Electronic Ear Muffs – These electronic muffs offer great hearing protection without making it difficult to hear what is going on around me. They also have a low profile that I find does not interfere with the stock on my AR-15 like other ear muff style hearing protection does.
9. TekMat AR-15 Cleaning Mat – I have been using TekMats for a number of years now and am very pleased with them. They have the ability to be washed after a really dirty cleaning session and have a labeled exploded view of the AR-15.
10. AimPoint PRO – It may not necessarily seem affordable, but as far as optics go, I don’t think you can do much better for the price. I have been using mine for several months now and could not be happier with its performance. The glass has great clarity, turning it on and quickly adjusting the brightness is almost fool proof and my battery shows no signs of dying anytime soon. I personally guarantee that an AimPoint PRO will be immediately accompanied by a smile upon opening it as a gift this holiday season.

Share with me, what items do you think would make great gifts for an AR-15 owner this holiday season?