We can learn a lot about self defense shooting from the police.  They carry guns for a living and each shooting is analyzed for legality and tactics by the courts and police trainers.

“Police officers may drive black and white cars, however what goes on in their job is a lot of gray.” – Arik Matson

The news media is always interested in stories where the police abuse their authority.  Each police use of force is scrutinized and many times the assumption is that the police officer should have been able to resolve the situation with reason. The world is filled with violent angry people. The cops don’t always win. We seldom hear the details of those stories.

The 10 Deadly Errors have been taught in police academies for at least 30 years.  For those of us who have never been a cop, it is an interesting look into their training and mindset.

All too often we read about law enforcement officers injured or killed in performance of their duties. Police instructors insist that risks could be minimized by avoiding the 10 Deadly Errors. They’re worth a look. I’m not sure who to credit for the list and commentary. The author is lost to time.

The 10 Deadly Errors

1. Lack of Concentration: If you fail to keep your mind on the job while on patrol or carry home problems into the field, you start to make errors. It can cost you and your fellow officers their lives.

2. Tombstone Courage:  Just what it says, if time allows wait for backup. There are very few instances where you should try to make a dangerous apprehension unaided.

3. Not Enough Rest: to do your job you must be alert. Lack of sleep or being sleepy can endanger yourself, the community and fellow officers.