The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought back the Cold War specter of the use of nuclear weapons in a world-ending conflagration. The fear of this is grounded in the belief that Putin is both insane and suicidal and wants victory in Ukraine or to end the world entirely.  We find that line of reasoning itself a bit irrational and say so here.

We think its a pretty safe bet that this conflict won’t turn nuclear given recent signs that Putin is trying to find a way out of the mess he has gotten himself into here. but figured it would be interesting to readers to know just what the world’s nuclear arsenals look like at a glance.

The events in the past three weeks have seen an aggressive Russia order their nuclear deterrent forces at a high alert, fueling tensions of an impending nuclear war in the case that the United States and NATO directly intervene into their so-called ‘special military operation’ otherwise known in the rest of the world as an invasion of Ukraine. Just recently as well, the Kremlin also released footage of them testing their 7,000mph Zircon hypersonic nuke missile, which Russia brands as an “unstoppable” missile.

These nuclear stockpiles were largely made during the height of the Cold War. Its threats, as much as it was built decades ago, are still very much felt today in what military experts and political historians call a second not-so Cold War, with the background of the invasion of Ukraine being a security threat for Moscow – which had seen former portions of the Soviet Union joining NATO.

The nuclear clock is ticking, and the threat is very much real. As chaotic as the war may seem, leaders who possess the power of launching a nuclear strike still follow caution on when to use their nuclear weapons. While the Russians have put their nuclear forces on high alert, this can very well be just a scare tactic and a deterrent as they’ve been hit by enormous sanctions that have been slowly bleeding their economy dry. In fact, Russia is now the most sanctioned country in the entire world as of the moment due to their invasion.

Nobody knows for sure what Vladimir Putin has on his mind now, and nobody can except him. However, an alleged FSB whistleblower did say that Putin had plans to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent and reported that he did not think that Putin would press the proverbial “red button.”  Such a decision is not his alone(Russia doesn’t trust anyone with that much power) and his own people could very well kill him if he went totally off the rails.

Regardless, it’s important to know what nuclear threats the Russians have instore for the West in the case the nuclear clock strikes 12. More so, ever since 2020, the doomsday clock, a symbol created by the members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, remains at 100 seconds to midnight, a severe movement from 7 minutes to midnight when the metaphorical clock was first made in 1947.