A South Carolinian and a Texan were apprehended in federal prison for plotting to lend aid and support to the criminal foreign terrorist organization the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham/Syria, otherwise known shortly as ISIS.

They identified the two men as Kristopher Sean Matthews, also known as Ali Jibreel, 36, of South Carolina, and Jaylyn Christopher Molina, also known as Abdur Rahim, 24, of Cost, Texas. Matthews will serve a maximum sentence of about 240 months or 20 years in prison, and Molina will serve a maximum sentence of 216 months or 18 years in jail – a two-year less than Matthews’ penalty.

They were sent to prison on Friday, July 1, in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Kristopher Sean Matthews
Kristopher Sean Matthews [Source: Twitter/@IMCarson1]
According to court papers, Matthews and Molina have been working together since May 2019 to provide services to ISIS. This includes managing an encrypted, members-only chat group for people who support the ISIS ideological position, amassing, producing, and leaking classified pro-ISIS propaganda, and disseminating materials for learning how to use weapons and make bombs.