How often do you hear about an active duty US fighter squadron turning 100 years old? Never! Well, the 27th Fighter Squadron does just that today marking its 100th year of service. The squadron is currently deployed with their F-22 Raptors in support of the Combined Joint Task Force/Operation Inherent Resolve fighting ISIS.

The squadron has served in both offensive and defensive roles in every major U.S. conflict since the 1st Pursuit Group’s organization in support of WWI in 1917.

“Being the first U.S. fighter squadron to turn 100 I think is very significant because it signifies how old our combat operations have become in the fighter world,” said 27 EFS Commander Lt. Col. Shell. “Tying back through our heritage… it’s been a long time since we’ve continuously done this.”

“To have the 27th Fighter Squadron deployed on their centennial, participating in combat against our enemies, is one of the greatest ways to honor its heritage and tradition of combat excellence,” said 1 FW Commander Col. Peter M. Fesler. “The squadron continues to display its aerial expertise and professionalism in combat as it has over the past century.” – US Air Forces Central Command

Congratulations to the 27th! We salute your commitment to service past and present.

Featured image of an F-22 Raptor by Senior Airman Tyler Woodward, US Air Force