It’s pretty easy to disseminate information today. We have phones to call or text, maybe through social media. In the olden times, of course, it was much different.

Passing down information from Point A to Point B could already take some time (thus, the idea of using even pigeons as messengers). Now, imagine there was an ongoing war, and the leaders decided to raise the white flag and cease the battles. Those on the outskirts, probably fighting guerilla-style, were less likely to receive the news soon.

This is what happened to these three battles that extended even after the war had officially concluded.

Battle of Prague

The Battle of Prague was the last major clash of the Thirty Years’ War. The war resulted from entangled conflicts that resulted from prominent religious and political differences. As peace talks began, delegates from various nations met in Munster and Osnabruck to negotiate. These peace talks dragged on for months.