• China’s J-20 stealth jet is getting closer to completion, and it poses a real threat to the US’s weapons systems.
  • The J-20 has many of the F-35’s most favorable features, but slightly worse stealth.
  • China has created the first stealth fighter outside of the US, and it will only improve it further.

China’s Chengdu J-20, the first stealth jet ever produced by anyone other than the US, has presented a mystery to American military planners trying to maintain an edge in the Pacific.

As China gets closer and closer to actually fielding the revolutionary jet, details are becoming more abundant, and its role in the future of warfare more apparent.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has put together a report on the J-20, complete with a 3D interactive model that shows the plane’s greatest strengths and weaknesses.


The Chengdu J-20
on Sketchfab



Read the whole story from Business Insider.

Featured image courtesy of Chinese Military Review

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