In a previous shooting course I attended we had a block of medical instruction for dealing with gun shot wounds, frag, or anything for that matter that causes traumatic bleeding. The instructor is a former Navy SEAL and is TCCC certified. He has had his share of plugging up bullet holes in guys, administering tourniquets, and dealing with a host of other injuries wrapped around gun fighting in austere environments. The dude knows his stuff to say the least, so I’m going to share a little of what he covered. I feel that this is an important subject these days with all the violence erupting around us.  He started the block of medical instruction with covering the 4 items you must carry in your medical kit, so that’s what I’m going to cover. Like I said I’m going off of the training he conducted. I’m in no way a medical expert or giving you advice.

The 4 MUST have items:

Tourniquet – It’s pretty obvious what this is for; to shut down the blood flow to an extremity. There are only 4 places to place a tourniquet (high up on either arm and high up in the pelvic crease of each leg), that’s it. Some tips and tricks for the CAT-T…

• Preload the tourniquet with about 2 to 3 inches of the tail fed through the buckle, fold it up, and leave the white ‘time’ piece from going across the area the handle locks into.

• When you put the tourniquet on, make sure that the tail is facing you (inward). This will place the handle on top for you to tighten the tourniquet down after securing the strap to the velcro