If regular readers remember around mid-2016 we did a series of articles on Everyday Carry Loadouts. I used to carry a relatively low lumen pen light by Smith and Wesson that was made to be both a light and a self-defense weapon. The light was pretty decent, and it filled my need for a small, affordable, and effective light. What’s been filling that bill recently is the 5.11 EDC light.

Introducing the 5.11 EDC light

I’ve seen EDC pocket dumps with guy’s carrying decently sized lights and think, “Man, I don’t need a Surefire for my trip to the mall,” and tend to carry something small and convenient, over big and powerful. What’s cool about the 5.11 EDC light is that it’s small and pretty darn effective. It’s brighter than I imagined for such a small light.

5.11 EDC light | A mini Review for a mini light

It can light up a dimly lit room and provide a great indoor beam. Outdoors it’s no spotlight, but it can help you navigate to and from without much issue. At the same time it’s basically the same size as a Zippo lighter. 5.11 Tactical says it is 91 lumens bright and it runs for about five hours on two triple A batteries.

Practical Carry

The pocket clip and flat profile make it pretty convenient to carry, and doesn’t fill the pocket, or cause discomfort when moving, sitting, and anything else. It makes it a practical light to carry for the everyday Joe. It doesn’t really stick out, and it never gets in the way. As a creature of convenience, I can appreciate that.

5.11 EDC light | A mini Review for a mini light


The overall design is clever. It’s rubber coated and textured for a sure grip with wet, or cold hands. The placement of the On/Off button is ingenious as well. It’s a button placed right under the lens. When placed in your pocket the button faces downwards and is almost impossible to ‘accidentally’ turn on when riding in the pocket.

5.11 EDC light | A mini Review for a mini light


The 5.11 EDC light is a well made little light. The pocket clip is a champ. Just recently I was climbing in and out of a vehicle at my day job. We were doing a controlled burn and I was moving a brush truck to and fro to provide water and hose to the Rangers on scene. So I was covered in gear, and jumping in and out of the truck.

5.11 EDC light | A mini Review for a mini light

Both the light and my Kershaw pocket clips caught as I climbed into the truck. I sheered one of two bolts off the Kershaw’s pocket clip, and only slightly bent the 5.11 EDC light’s clip. The three bolts in the triangle pattern hold the pocket clip on well. Although it is in no way reversible for left-handed carry.

5.11 EDC light | A mini Review for a mini light

Parting Shots

Overall for 20 bucks, it’s a well-made, well-designed light for EDC. Especially if comfort and convenience is the goal. There are smaller lights, and there are brighter lights, but this model fits perfectly in between. The only downside is when flying back from Shot an overzealous TSA agent thought it was a pocket knife. The 5.11 EDC light is small, light, and well designed. Perfect for your average Joe’s EDC or as a vehicle backup light.


This article is courtesy of Travis Pike from The Loadout Room.