If you ever want to know what is happening and where just follow the money.

The money showcased in the Panama Papers may have been in Panama, but it left trails back to its many homes across the globe.

The issue for Americans is geopolitical stability. Yes, we all know the world is a horribly corrupt place where things are destined to go more wrong than right. Though, this epic leak has released data on key international figures, American allies, politicians and public figures.

Many of the nations represented by their elite in the Panama Papers are not economically, politically, or socially sound. The information released in these documents have the potential to trigger violence, which could destabilize yet another nation.The implications could go in many negative directions, especially in the countries, America has a strategic military presence. Such as Iceland, Iraq, and Qatar; which could lead to power vacuums, terrorist uprisings, rogue states, or even to America losing a strategic facility. As a new government with shifty alliances is demanding an unrealistic rental fee to stay.