OH-58D Kiowa Warriors conducted their final farewell flight from Simmons Army Airfield at Fort Bragg, N.C., April 15. The fearless pilots and hard-working maintainers gathered to share their vast experiences and stories with spectators following the flight.

View additional photos on the 82nd CAB‬‘s Flickr page of the Air Cavalry‬ preparation for their final flight occurring April 15.

Thirty helicopters stationed at Fort Bragg left base Friday. The Army’s Kiowa Warrior Helicopters are now en route to South Korea.

It was a momentous occasion as hundreds of people gathered in Fayetteville for the rare farewell. It was likely the last flight of its kind in Army history.

At 10:45 a.m., the formation of 30 OH-58 Kiowas flew over downtown Fayetteville. It was a sight not seen there before. The 50-year-old Kiowas are mostly high-tech observation and light assault choppers. “Low and slow” is how veteran pilots describe the chopper.

It’s been a mainstay of the Army fleet at Fort Bragg. Friday morning, members of the 1st 17th Calvary flew a final V formation over cheers, waves, and tears.



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