Two years of fighting in Ukraine, in two minutes.

How the lines have changed in Donbass, Ukraine. assembled this video, using the maps of recorded hostilities in Donbass, Ukraine. The first maps of this type began to appear in June 2014, and has since been updated daily, by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine The two-minute video reviews the shape of the front as augmented by the fighting, in an easy to follow infographic style. This video provides a detailed look at the territorial and maneuver impact on the front in the past two years.

Featured Image: A Russian 220mm TOS-1A Buratino, Thermobaric Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), a “fuel-air” weapons delivery system. This Russian-unique weapon system was allegedly “captured” by Russian-backed Separatist in Ukraine. Although, this MLRS was never part of the Ukrainian arsenal. Via SFWP Network – Military

Featured Media – TSN Ukraine