The Peshmerga Dizha Tiror, (Counter Terrorism Group) was established through the guidance and training of Delta Force and the British SAS. The selection and training for Dizha Tiror, was based on the experience of Delta Force and the SAS, but was tailored to meet the unique the mission set of the Kurdish Counter Terrorism Group.


A very brief and quick snapshot of the Kurdish forces – who’s who:

•Peshmerga, the legitimate military of the Kurdish Regional Government, and the best military, on the ground, actively fighting in Iraq throughout the entirety of this conflict. The Peshmerga has held the line time and again as the Iraqi army has fled. The KRG is technically part of Iraq but acts as an independent governance.  The Peshmerga’s area of operations is Iraqi Kurdistan,  North-Eastern, Iraq but stretching West as the Iraqi army continues to fumble.The Peshmerga is primarily engaged against Daesh [ISIS/ISIL].

•PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) , a leftist, communist, terrorist militia operating primarily in the mountainous areas of Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The PKK fights for its own agenda and does not reflect the long-term security or stability of the Kurdish Regional Government. Their ideology is based Abdullah Öcalan, as known as, Apo. Their primary enemy is Turkey, followed by Daesh [ISIS/ISIL], is not a fan of the KRG; often referring to the Peshmerga as, Daesh. The PKK contends with anyone who stands in their way of a goal of reunifying historic Kurdistan under their ways. This is the parent organization of the YPG/YPJ.

•YPG/YPJ (Kurdish People’s Protection Units), a PKK heavily-influenced, communist-socialism militia fighting in Syria. The YPG is the male branch, the YPJ is the female branch of the militia. Their area of operations is currently confined to the unregulated patches throughout Northern Syria; they call the area it’s traditional Kurdish name, Rojava.


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