A female suicide bomber wounded eight people when she blew herself up near the main mosque in the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa on Wednesday, officials said, the fifth suicide bombing in a major urban centre this year.

Photographs from the scene showed the severed torso of what appeared to be the bomber lying at the side of the mosque. Police ushered dazed passers-by out of surrounding streets as ambulances and forensics teams arrived.

The local governor’s office said the woman was thought to have detonated a device she was wearing at 5:26 pm (1426 GMT) near the western gate of Bursa’s Grand Mosque.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said eight people were wounded, reducing the toll from 13 given by the health minister earlier. He did not give a reason for the lower count.

“This was an attack aimed at our nation, our people, our peace. Eight of our citizens were wounded. Thank God, no citizen was critically wounded,” Davutoglu told reporters in Ankara in comments broadcast by state TV channel TRT.

“This attack will not give cause for Turkey to retreat in its determined stance in fighting terrorism,” he said, adding security forces were still investigating and it was too soon to name a suspected organization.

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