President Barack Obama nominated the 1982 West Point graduate Colonel Cindy Jebb for the position of dean for the prestigious military academy following the announced retirement of current dean Brigadier General Tim Trainor. If Congress approves Obama’s nomination, Jebb will become West Point’s first female dean. Despite opening the doors over two centuries ago, West Point Military Academy has never had a woman in the position of dean. However, all of that is slated to change with Colonel Cindy Jebb.
The Army Times reports that Colonel Cindy Jebb has not only been nominated for the title of Brigadier General, but also the prestigious position as West Point Military Academy’s dean. Jebb is slated to become the first female dean of West Point after earning the nomination from President Barack Obama. While Jebb’s nomination must be confirmed by Congress, current West Point dean Brigadier General Tim Trainor says he is extremely happy about Jebb’s nomination calling her a “wealth of experience.”

Jebb does have a rather impressive resume. The colonel is a 1982 West Point graduate and received her masters and doctoral degrees in political science from Duke University. She also holds a masters in national security and strategic studies which she obtained from the Naval War College.

However, her acclaim doesn’t end with her extensive higher studies, Jebb also has extensive real-world experience as well. Jebb was commissioned as a military intelligence officer, serving in the 1st AD, III Corps, and the National Security Agency (NSA). She has also served as a member on the Council for Foreign Relations. She has vast experience working in military intelligence working both for the NSA and as the Deputy Commander of the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade, which supported the NSA. During the summer of 2015, she served as a senior advisor for the Chief of the Office of Security Cooperation-Iraq and has completed study projects in Afghanistan and Iraq and human security research in Africa.

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