During 11 days in May, this brotherhood was uniquely strengthened among 20 multinational special forces teams during Fuerzas Comando 2016, a competition among elite military and police forces to familiarize those who may be united in resolving transnational conflicts.

Many of the transnational threats the U.S. faces today, such as kidnappings, international gangs, terrorism, drug trafficking, and illicit activities cannot be defeated by traditional military means alone. Defeating these threats requires common goals and cooperation with regional partners. Fuerzas Comando is one example of such cooperation.

“Fuerzas Comando is another link in the chain of persistent engagements that build trust and friendships among our forces,” said U.S. Navy Adm. Kurt W. Tidd, U.S. Southern Command commander, during the competition’s closing ceremony. “This trust between units is the element that connects all our special operations forces together in an unbreakable network.”

Special operations forces from across the Americas and the Caribbean competed this year in Ancon, Peru in a competition annually sponsored by USSOUTHCOM, and executed by Special Operations Command South.