Are you looking for inspiration to kickstart back your fitness journey? Check out these six of the best fitness YouTubers who are veterans and their workout routines and health tips to get yourself to stay in shape.

Darryl Williams Jr.

Also known as BullyJuice, the US Air Force veteran started his channel when he enlisted in 2015. With the encouragement of his wife, a known YouTuber, Williams began vlogging his experience during his deployment in the United Arab Emirates. He continued his service as a staff sergeant with the 94 Logistics Readiness Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, back in the country as a vehicle operator and dispatcher. In his interview, Williams said that he’d continue doing his channel even after leaving the Air Force, which was slated in 2021.

Since his interview, BullyJuice’s channel grew from less than 200K to 1.72M subscribers. His main content includes motivational muscle-building workout routines that can be done at home, as well as vlogging, weight loss and gaining diets, and other healthy lifestyle topics. He also creates challenges for his subscribers to try, including Plank Challenge, 6 Pack Workout Challenge, and Squat Challenge, to name a few.