Don’t poke the bear. The Russians predictably will go the course in Syria. The U.S. is getting close to shutting the current diplomatic process as battles in Aleppo rage onward.

“U.S. officials say they are considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault, including military options, although they have described the range of possible responses as limited and say risky measures like air strikes on Syrian targets or sending U.S. jets to escort aid are unlikely. Two U.S. officials said the speed with which the diplomatic track collapsed in Syria and pro-government forces advanced in Aleppo had caught some in the administration off guard,” Reuters reports.

Yesterday, the New York Times said that “the United States threatened on Wednesday to halt talks with Russia on the war in Syria and scrap plans for joint military targeting of jihadists unless the Russian and Syrian militaries stopped bombing Aleppo.”

Aleppo has become the epicenter of tragedy in the world. Russian use of air attacks has not ceased and has seemingly continued at full force. Many cease-fires have been brokered but are always broken with clashes. The diplomatic process has apparently failed or is unable to progress in Syria. Sometimes war is what happens with the cessation of political and diplomatic conversation. We’re set to enter a new phase of the conflict in Syria. A step where the U.S.-Russian proxy war is more overt with fewer holds barred.