I’ve been wearing the Black Diamond First Light Hoody for a few weeks now off and on depending on the weather. As most of you know Black Diamond makes some quality gear and clothing for those living an outdoor lifestyle. The Black Diamond name is quite popular among those that rock climb, rappel, ski and snowboard. They are at the top of the food chain for their industry. I also know of several shooters that swear by Black Diamond and use it for shooting in cold weather and other less than ideal weather conditions. Because of their reputation in the outdoor and shooting industry I had to give them a try. Enter the Black Diamond First Light Hoody.

This jacket is a no frills, simple yet durable piece of clothing. The jacket does have somewhat of an athletic fit to it which I really like. That translates into less bulk making it more streamlined for rock climbing or running and gunning on the range. I recently had it outdoors during a cooler fall day. The air temperature was hovering around 40 with sporadic rain and 20 mph wind gusts. The First Light Hoody kept me protected from the elements and warm.

Colors Available: Denim, Smoke and Rust