You hear a text jingle from your pocket.  You pull your phone out but there’s no longer cell service despite being in the middle of a city. Something is seriously wrong and you figure that out faster than most.  It’s time to get by based on what you carry with you every day.  Doesn’t matter how cool the contents of your gun safe are or how many MRE’s you have at home.  When something goes wrong you’re left with what you’ve dedicated to carrying.

Your everyday carry (EDC) should be refined often.  Just in the course of writing this article I’ve decided I can and should be more well stocked with whats in my vehicle.  Even without carrying a ton of stuff in my pants pockets, I can also put a few more things in my jacket which stays close at hand or in the car nearby.

The things that follow me every day are:

  1. My wallet.  Money, ID and a Ranger coin.  Also a brief medical/religious preference card is in here so a paramedic or first responder can know whats going on.
  2. Spyderco Rescue 93mm sheepsfoot blade.  Abused, misused and barely sharp enough to slice, this is my backup knife and is only in my pocket because my preferred knife had a pocket clip failure and was lost.  Despite being used as an impromptu can opener, this will still saw through flesh and bone.  This will be replaced ASAP.
  3.   Suunto observer.  Despite repeated failures of the OEM elastomer band, (hello aftermarket!) this watch has been with me 15 years and through 5 combat deployments.

The things that stay with me most days are: