Try doing a quick Google search on the proper way to grill steak over fire. You’ll instantly be met with a page full of results, none of which are really helpful. At the end of it all, you’re left with no answers and a bad case of option paralysis. We don’t want that. 

To save you some trouble, we took it upon ourselves to give you the ultimate guide to grilling steak over fire. What this isn’t is the end-all, be-all resource because there are practices that are preferred by some but not by others. What it is, however, is an effective enough guide that’s worth trying. 

And to guarantee the credibility of the information you’ll find on here, we’ve collected the input of seasoned experts. So keep this article bookmarked and feel free to open it when the need arises.  

Things to Remember When Grilling Steak Over Fire

Every home cook will make mistakes during the first few times they try to grill steak over fire. Either the heat is unbalanced, or the meat isn’t properly seasoned. The most common mistake happens in the desired doneness, and more often than not, people go overboard. 

Constant unaddressed mistakes lead to incorrect habits. That ends today. 

When Picking Meat

Any seasoned chef (no pun intended) or home griller will tell you that the meat is the star of the show. Regardless of the exceptional methods you use, the taste of subpar beef will surface no matter what.