For our veteran pilots and those on duty, you would know the high (pun intended) you get when you fly. And with Axalp Fliegerschiessen, one would be extremely inspired and motivated to fly through the alps.

The Axalp Fliegerschiessen is undeniably one of the most aspiring airshows in the world. They round up world-class aircraft manufacturers to showcase the best of the best. The Swiss Air Force will also conduct their target practice skills by firing live ammunition with their board cannons on ground targets. Aside from exhibit of the latest, most innovative aircraft, the air show is also packed with events and activities.

This year’s Axalp Fliegerschiessen will happen from Oct. 18-20. The first day is for training since the location would require attendees to hike at a certain altitude. There are also a lot of safety rules to abide by, but we promise, it is all worth it. Then, on Day 2, the official event starts. Because of the increase in the number of attendees these past few years, the organization decided to close down all the roads to Axalp during the event, and visitors can only go up using a shuttle service.

Program Overview:

I. Target Shooting with Board Cannons – Featuring the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet

Boeing F/A-18 Hornet
Boeing F/A-18 Hornet (Source: Boschh)

Points for getting fire out of the gun nozzles. Double points for doing that while catching one of the bullets in your photo.

Do not miss the “sneak pass” and the flare drops at the start and the end of live shooting.

II. Firefighting demo featuring 2 Aerospatiale As532 Cougar

Aerospatiale As532 Cougar
Aerospatiale As532 Cougar (Source: Boschh)

Two Cougars will drop water from Lake Brienz to put out a simulated fire. Camera’s in portrait mode!