Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine is leaving Moscow with security gaps and military shortfalls not seen since World War Two. Already taking over 300,000 casualties, the war has been highly deadly to Russia, and it will take the country several decades to build up its pre-war strength again.

One sector of Russia’s military that is currently decimated is the Black Sea Fleet, which the Kremlin sees as its most valuable naval force. Utilizing the navy to gain key victories in Mariupol, Melitopol, and Kherson early in 2022, the fleet has suffered setbacks and large-scale attacks to where it can no longer give naval support to Russian ground forces as it did nearly two years ago.

Several critical strikes against the Black Sea Fleet hamper the navy’s freedom of movement and military capabilities. Russia is looking elsewhere aside from Crimea to host their warships—with occupied Abkhazia being the most talked about alternative.